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My Phone!!! NOOOOO!!!!

Pooh and I are both tech/gadget/electronics freaks. Pooh has a pretty extensive collection of mobile phones (mostly smart phones). He currently is using a very nice Nokia N73. I only have 2 phones; a Sony Ericsson T610, and a Sony Ericsson P910. I love my P910! Unfortunately, we were out drinking a couple nights ago and I dropped my phone. For a while, the sound had a bit of static every now and then…but now…the sound no longer works! Oh no! I was very sad. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my P910 (pictured on the left)…

Luckily, I have my other phone to use temporarily…but I am tired of staring at the dead pixels on its screen. I get depressed each time someone calls me and I have to pick up on my T610…with its sad Midi file ring tone…checking the caller id on my dead pixel filled screen. ::sigh::

Anyway, Pooh and I will be shopping for a new phone.
I am thinking of getting one of the Nokia N series phones…the N80 looks really nice.

or possibly a Sony Ericsson K790; the only setback is it’s not a smartphone…

What kind of phone do you recommend that I get?

What kind of phone do you have?

I appreciate your input ^_^


New Blog Title continued

So far I’ve narrowed my choices down to the following:

-My life thus far
-Hundred Acre Wood (unfortunately with the idea of children googling the phrase for poohbear…I don’t think that it would be a good idea, seeing that my blog contains adult material)
-Tiggah’s Random Life
-Tiggah’s Series of Random Events
-Tiggah’s Random Memoir
Please let me know what you guys think and add your own if you like ^_^

Funny Commercial

I was watching G4 techTV just a little while ago and this hillarious commercial aired. I just had to find it online and blog it. The lady in the grocery store displayed the best infomercial acting ever! ::insert sarcasm here:: HAHAHAHA “milk juice butter and eggs!” Oh my! The way she stands to the side and listens…then pushes her cart away with an overly determined look on her face had me crackin up! Anyway, just another random blog. Enjoy!


Happy Holidays!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season. May this new year bring you good health, prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. I’m not that big on Christmas (halloween is my favorite holiday actually)…but I want to wish you all Happy Holidays and have a very Happy New Year!

With Love,


The Postal Service – District Sleeps Alone Tonight

I love The Postal Service. Pooh and I were testing the new browser on our Wii and checked to see if youtube worked on it. I thought of a random video to play. I love how this video is so frikkin random, it reminds me of the movie “totally awesome”.


New Blog Title

Photo 75

Me and Pooh were thinking about it…and My blog title needs to be changed. Since I don’t have as a usable url (and I dont want to buy it…) I figure I should change my blog title. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment and help me out ^_^ Thanks!


Elebits for Nintendo Wii

Elebits for Nintendo Wii, originally uploaded by tiggahtigz.

Newly added to our collection. It’s cute and fun. Pretty addictive…and the multiplayer is great!


Rayman for Nintendo Wii

Rayman for Nintendo Wii, originally uploaded by tiggahtigz.

Newly added to our collection. It’s a great game! It is definitely a great “invite your friends over and have a wii party” type game!


Wii Fun!

Pooh Playing Elebits
Pooh playing Wii, originally uploaded by tiggahtigz.

We recently added Elebits to our Nintendo Wii collection. Pooh’s playing in this pic…it’s so fun!


Thurs & Friday Night

Thursday Night: Pooh lost his wallet the night prior and we were looking everywhere for it…luckily we ended up finding it late thursday night. A friend of ours invited us to go see his band play at a bar, but unfortunately, Pooh didn’t have his wallet at the time. After we found Pooh’s wallet, we went to Flicks with a friend of ours. They ordered 151 and coke; I had a Brandy on the rocks. I would of ordered a greygoose martini but I still have 2 full bottles at home. After we got a buzz at Flicks, we went and had a great night at Numbers! We got wasted!!!! A really nice bartender hooked us up with some awsome drinks and shots that night. Afterwards we went to some mexican restaurant. I’m really picky with my food but I guess when you’re really really drunk mexican food tastes like the best thing in the world.
Friday Night: After a long day of work, Pooh and I went to a Korean Restaurant called Tofu House. I had the Boiling BBQ and Tofu. It was really good. It was a perfect meal for such a freezing cold night. Afterwards we went to Fry’s Electronics to see if we could get HD Composite Cables for our Nintendo Wii. They had them, but unfortunately the line was GINORMOUS!!! So we left. And Now I am here typing this blog while Pooh watches TV. I gave Pooh a massage when we got home…me thinks we’ll have some sex time tonight ^_~

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