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Weekend Getaway!

Pooh and I went to LA this weekend to get away and go shopping! We also spent some time visiting a friend of mine who’s in town. It was great! I’ll be posting more about our weekend in detail soon!


Heroes – Tonight’s Episode

Tonight’s Episode was aaaaaaaaaawesome! I loved it. I can’t wait until next week’s episode!


Vista…ugh…i’m sad :( PART 2

I forgot to mention in my last post….my frikkin ipod doesn’t work with frikkin vista either….



Vista…ugh…i’m sad :(

So I recently upgraded my laptop to Vista…I really like the new features…but…now all my gadgets don’t work! I try connecting my Ipaq Pocket PC to my laptop…and that doesn’t work. I can’t install it’s drivers and synching software. Windows Vista is supposed to have a Windows Mobile Device Center program to replace ActiveSync but it won’t recognize my mobile devices! I also can’t connect my phone to my laptop because it won’t recognize that either. My webcam also doesn’t work! I managed to download and install it’s drivers…but the audio drivers won’t work with vista. UGH!!! I’m so frustrated with it. I am thinking of downgrading to XP but I’d have to lose all my data and start from scratch by reformating then reinstalling XP. I have a whole lot of files on my laptop that would take forever to burn and backup…plus I have my mmorpgs that I’d have to reinstall and repatch…which would take FOREVER!!!!
Sigh…::kicks laptop:: I sooooo can’t wait till I get my new laptop…I’m getting a mac (>.<)


Pooh @ work

In a previous post, I mentioned that the company I work (my day job) had hired Pooh as their Director of advertizing/promo and Graphic Design. Everyone has been very nice to him and they all love him! Although I am very happy that Pooh and I are in the same workplace, our offices are pretty far apart and I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like to…except on breaks and lunch. I haven’t been in his office yet so Pooh took some pictures of his desk with his phone and sent them to me.


Just Fabulous

Pooh and I went to Just Fabulous yesterday for dessert. It’s a nice place in Kensington that reminded us of Extraordinary Desserts and Heaven Sent Desserts, except at Just Fabulous, they also have Appetizers and Lunch/Dinner Entrees. We were going to just have a little something sweet, but we saw an appetizer on the menu that we just had to try! I can’t remember what it was called but it was delicious! I was very surprised when they brought out our dessert. The plating was very well done. It was soooo very yummy!


Random Thoughts: What What…..WTF?


Random Thoughts – The Soup’s Sexy!

Pooh and I were watching The Soup and I noticed that the host, Joel McHale, is looking mighty fine. I’m definitely loving his new “scruff” look…I think it’s sexy. Maybe its the wine talkin (pooh and I decided to stay home and drink instead of going out tonight)…but I think The Soup’s host is pretty sexy. I’ll post some images as soon as I can find some. Let me know if any of you can find some images of his new sexy scruff look. :)


Random Thoughts: HPNOTIQ

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