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OMG I can’t wait!!!

MySims for the Nintendo Wii – Expected Release Date: 9/18/07
ahhhhh! I’m so excited :)


City Walk in Hillcrest

Pooh and I went to City Walk on Fifth Ave this morning.

And, yes, we went for the food!!!

there were waves n waves of shirtless guys…it was hot…sometimes.

After a nice long walk up n down Fifth Avenue, Pooh and I wanted to get something to cool off. We remembered that Dolce Fredo was just a street over so we decided to grab a Shaved Ice with sweet red beans and fruit!
Strawberries, Pineaples, Kiwi, Mango, Mochi, Sweet Red Bean, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, cherries, and Shaved Ice flavored with fruit syrup and evaporated milk. I loved it!!! It was a great dessert on a wonderful day like today. Especially since it’s hot n sunny :)

Well, the day isn’t over yet, and our weekend has just begun (since we have tomorrow off as well). I’ll post again soon :)


Random Image of the Day

So we were going out for dinner and wine…and our buddy Tribal shows up wearing the ame outfit as Pooh! (and, no, it wasn’t planned)

haha twins!!! :)



Pooh and I had dinner a couple nights ago at Florencia’s Italian Restaurant. We usually go there for their Cheesy Bread, but we were very hungry…so we got a pizza too! Florencia’s is definitely a great place for a late-night meal. They’re open till 2am so we head there when we’re craving cheesy bread :) Our waiter is usually the same each time…he is GORGEOUS!

Their Cheesy Breadsticks are THE BEST!

We had a yummy Florentine Pizza – Spinach and Basil (forget if it was both or just one of the two) w/ mozarella, ricotta, and feta

We were stuffed!


A boy and his toy :)

I recently got myself a new toy. Something to play with during my “alone time”. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to post about me having a toy, but I’m curious as to how many of you have one too or if you ever thought of getting one.

Do you have a toy? :)
If not, have you ever thought about getting one?


Wii Fun :) its Mii!

Have a Wii? What’s your Mii look like? :)


Drunken Weekend

Pooh and I had a great weekend! We convinced one of our friends from out of town to stay over for the weekend. He came down for San Diego Pride weekend, but unfortunately, he said he didn’t get to enjoy his stay much…so we told him that next time he’s in town we’ll take him out and show him how Pooh & Tigz have fun!

Here’s some pics from our crazy weekend!

our tall buddy Tribal was waaaaasted!!!

haha…and so was I…

Pooh was drunk as well…

we were all pretty drunk most of the weekend :)

apparently we went clubbing?! (o.O) but I really don’t remember getting there, being there, and leaving there…

I honestly don’t remember taking any of those previous pictures…but it’s nice to know I have something to remember the night!

Pooh and our friend were both on low carb diets…and agreed to take a break for just the weekend. What great way to embrace the wonders of carbs than to indulge in a delicious cheesecake from Jack n’ the Box at 3am :)

Pooh and I were so drunk we passed out…er wait…that’s not me!? haha they both passed out while the rest of us partied…haha they can’t hang :)

Aside from all the alcohol…we also took our friend out to our favorite places to eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many pics of us eating…but here’s a few :)

Us at Bondi…er well yea…there was alcohol there…but we weren’t drunk :)

We also tried out the new Yogurt place that opened up right next to our house…it has a pretty nice interior :)

After a nice long weekend of food, alcohol, dancing, and just having fun…it came time to say bye bye :( I had a lot of fun and can’t wait till next time! Which by the way, I’ll be on a much needed vacation on August 23rd to the 29th. It will definitely be a LOT of fun! :)


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