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Pooh and I are at Urban Mo’s with some friends. I really want one of them smiley balloons!

Fun Weekend!

This weekend was a blur…literally!


Fun at Universal!

A couple nights ago Pooh and I went out with some friends to Universal in Hillcrest. I’ve had mixed feelings about the place before; mainly because I’m not into fancy clubs when it comes to going out to get drunk and have fun. We actually had a LOT of fun. It really is true – it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with. Good friends makes for a good time! Well…actually, being really intoxicated helps too.

Yes, we were all very crazy drunk.

The DJ was extremely hot!


Pride Weekend!

I’ve finally uploaded the 300+ photos from Pride Weekend here in SD. I decided to use the Nikon D80 instead of my camera phone. They’re all available for view on my Flickr here.

There’s just way too many to post!

I will be posting some of my favorites soon though!



San Diego Pride is this weekend! We’re not quite sure what we’ve got planned but I hope it’s fun!


Brunch at The Mission

Pooh and I had ourselves a wonderful brunch at The Mission in North Park. It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a meal at The Mission. We almost forgot how HUGE the portions were. The wait staff is very friendly and the menu has quite a large selection of “breakfast” choices. Pooh had the blackberry banana pancakes with a Mission Mimosa and I had their Mission French Toast and a Mission Mocha Thai (It’s their special mocha blend sweetened with condensed milk).

Everything was DELICIOUS! I love sweet breakfasts. It’s like having dessert first thing in the morning!


Dim Sum for Lunch!

Pooh and I had lunch at Emerald restaurant in Clairemont. It is now my favorite place to get Dim Sum! Sundays seem to be our Dim Sum day. I love getting Lotus Buns and shrimp hagaw. Everything at Emerald was very Yummy! We also had these deep fried shrimp with a cane sugar skewer. It was delicious! Anyone know what it’s called?

Recent Events


Time has been wizzing by! So much has happened these past 2 weeks. I’ve snapped so many pictures that I don’t know where to start posting about everything.

I guess I’ll start with our recent trip to Del Mar Fairgrounds. We went this past Tuesday. It was “Taste of Tuesday”…also known as 2 buck Tuesday! Each food place had a sample dish that was only $2.

We totally pigged out!

I really wanted to go to Del Mar Fair just for the Polish Sausages and Roasted Corn so I made sure that I ate those first. Afterwards, we went to a bunch of spots to try out the $2 samples. They were pretty huge samples!

We had Polish Sausages, Roasted Corn, Churros, Garlic Battered Artichokes, Pizza, and Ice Cream! It was awesome! Gotta love fair food :)

I never really cared much for the rides. There’s just something about old gigantic portable rides; they don’t quite appeal to me. Maybe it’s the shaking…or the squeaking…I don’t know. Pooh and Tribal rode this one though.

It was a great night of indulgence. We were able to walk off our stuffed bellies and enjoy our time at the Fair. I got a ticket for a free re-visit, but unfortunately the Fair ended on the 5th. Ah well, Pride is just around the corner and I am sure there will be plenty of “fair food” there!


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