Pride Weekend!

I’ve finally uploaded the 300+ photos from Pride Weekend here in SD. I decided to use the Nikon D80 instead of my camera phone. They’re all available for view on my Flickr here.

There’s just way too many to post!

I will be posting some of my favorites soon though!

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15 Comments to “Pride Weekend!”

  1. Matthew Andrew Aguirre Nagtalon says:

    looks like you guys had fun.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finally, a post!

    Yeah looked like some great fun! We don’t get this kinda fun stuff over here in Singapore.

  3. Kimoochii says:

    Where is Tigguhh? If not on Pride Weekend, when? I’m taking a few days off, for attitude adjustment. ‘Plan to go downtown to get fisted, this morning; this’ll be a first. I may regret it, later. Any tips?

  4. tiggahtigz says:

    lol Kimoochii, Tigguhh is working out because he feels bleh from all the drinking and eating from Pride Weekend…he’ll make an appearance soon :) Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in the…uh…”fisting”department…so I wouldn’t really have any advice to give. I hope it goes well for you though!

  5. Ernest says:

    Hawt $tuff!
    Ever been to Rage?

  6. dazedblu* says:

    luvin’ it :)

  7. Kimoochii says:

    Yes. I was at Rage, for the Hustler Awards, a few months ago. Seemed like a good place, but there were police cars swarming around the area, and Rage is a bar, and I drove there, so I couldn’t indulge.

  8. ahnday says:

    hey hey..i love reading your blog, I just recently came across and fell in love with it. My boyfriend and I always go on to check it out. We find it lovely to read about other peoples lives and such……

    *hey I have been to Rage, LOVED IT!*

    alright well aloha..stop by my sight think it would be cool to add you on my blog list…=) I hate just adding people with out asking. lol…okay well take it easy…and keep the posts coming.

  9. ahnday says:

    hey how to people put their picture on the side like that…hmm teach me…=)

  10. ahnday says:

    thanks..take it easy…


  11. John Halcyon von Rothschild says:

    I noticed you were holding up that sign that says “no” to ban gay marriage…Do you and pooh ever consider gettin’ hitched?

  12. rcloy says:

    love the fact that pooh is nekkid in almost all the pic.. lolz..
    you two looks so cute.. hehe..

  13. baldeemarc says:

    hey guys. its baldee…i heart u guys..keep up the good work…dont ask how i ended up here…it was odd..but yeah, you guys are awesome…juss droppin some love! ill see ya guys soon most likely! -marc

  14. tiggahtigz says:

    Lol baldee!!!! none of my friends ever posted a comment on my blog before…lol yea…it’s odd. Oh well :) welcome to my blog!

  15. Icarus says:


    Great pics! Looks like it was fun. The pride parade over here is coming up this saturday, I cannot wait, will be loads of fun.

    I dropped by your blog for the first time when I just came back from the philippines, bookmarked it but sort of forgot about it. Just dropped by again and figured I’d at least say hi since I’m reading about your life here…

    If only I wasn’t so lazy, I’d start one of my own =)

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