Pooh fucked me so hard today…it was fucking hot.  He ripped my clothes off, man handled me, and just had his way with me.  He got me in so many positions that I was exhausted afterwards.   At one point, as he was standing he carried me upside down and rimmed my ass while I sucked his dick.   He fucked me so hard.  He bent me over, flipped me around, threw my legs over his shoulders, put me on my stomach, layed me on my side…I loved how aggressive he was.  I must admit, I love a good pounding.  It was so much fun!  Just wanted to tell someone.  It’s not something I could just casually share with my friends.  Haha.  Sorry guys…no pictures.  Although I now regret not recording it cuz it was frikkin hot.

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15 Comments to “SO…”

  1. anon says:

    WOW! If that didn’t answer all the questions about your sex life, I don’t know what will. Its too bad about not getting any pictures though, but I guess that would have ruined the moment.

  2. laurel says:

    awwwww…..yeah, pics would have been good..

  3. mrkxndr says:

    maybe next time you should take pics or even a short clip! :) enjoyed reading this post

  4. JP says:

    There’s only one solution to this problem. Do it again and then this time take a few photos. :-)

  5. ilikejoaquin says:

    i think having no pictures just leave more room for imagination ;)

  6. It’s good to know that you have a very active and very hot sex life. I can’t imagine Pooh being so aggressive in bed because he looks very innocent in the pictures :)

  7. Eric John says:

    Haha. I was in the office while i’m reading this. Might do what Pooh did to my bf tonight. Gonna go have a one wild night too. Thanks for the inspiration. lolz

    • Tiggah says:

      @Eric it was hella fun…I recommended just letting loose and having a wild time. There’s sweet passionate love making…and there’s times when you just need a hardcore fucking. I’m a firm believer of keeping things exciting. Gotta keep the fire burning right?!

  8. Rofie says:

    Sooo jealous since I haven’t had good sex in 2 yrs but I am happy for you both.

  9. Mcneil says:

    Love reading your post. …so hot!

  10. Las says:

    Too bad with not recording it. Hehe!

  11. Lasher says:

    Too bad with not recording it. Hehe!

  12. khalel says:

    I missed you guys. its been awhile since i have written something. been busy with another craft (photography). I see all well with guys. Keep the fire burning! hot hot hot!


  13. maccallister says:

    shit this post is so hot!left me imagining things I shouldn’t!LOL

    damn!now Im horny!chos!

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