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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had an amazing NYE celebration.  Pooh and I had a blast!  I had so much fun, that I lost my phone during the White Wonderland Music Festival.  To my surprise, the most amazing person found my phone in pieces (battery, case back, etc), put it back together, and contacted my bf the following morning to let me know they found it and wanted to return it!  Luckily they were staying at the hotel across from ours…and the guy was hella cute!  Such a nice guy!  I’m so glad that there are really good people out there.  Yay to good karma!

Pooh and I have been doing a lot of traveling and still have many places to go.  We went to Vegas for Xmas last last week (pics coming soon).  For NYE we went to White Wonderland Music Festival held by Insomniac in Anaheim.  We’re going to be here in the Anaheim-LA-Weho areas until tomorrow (Tuesday), and then we’ll be off to drive up to San Francisco to enjoy the rest of our vacation until next Monday.  If you happen to see us, don’t be scared to say hi! 

I’ll be tweeting lots along the way but will definitely post all about our trips when we get back home.  :) 


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