Share and Like buttons have been added to posts and pages!  I’ve never really done much promoting for my website.  I’ve actually never really mentioned it much on social media until recently.  It’s no secret that I have this blog; I just don’t want the entire world to know either.   Lol. 

Anyway, since my Tumblr and Twitter feed have become more “adult oriented”, I figured…”Whatever, I guess.”  Such is my reaction whenever someone I know tells me they found out about my blog – “It’s whatever, I guess.”  Lol.    If they’re cool with it yay, if not I’m not gonna freak out over it. For now, sharing buttons are available for Tumblr, Twitter, and Email.

Feel free to share, like, post, and reblog as much as you want…just don’t tag me on facebook. Haha!

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