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I thought I’d start a collection of “fake” profiles since I’ve been receiving messages and links from many of my readers. Strangely, there are quite a few impersonators out there that are using my pics as their own and pretending to be me. In a way, I find it quite flattering that they’d use my pics when there are way hotter guys out there for them to impersonate. BTW, justoneazn or whatever his name is, is not me and it’s not Pooh. ;)

Sometimes I wonder if I should just try and break into the porn industry and build myself a name so that people would recognize me and know that it must be a fake profile. When I look online and see a profile picture of Brett Everett, Brent Corrigan, or some other big name pornstar I already know that it’s a fake. I mean, my nekkedness is all out there in the web anyway, it might as well be me capitalizing on it. :) I am getting older…maybe I should while I’m young haha.

Anyway, I thought I’d send this guy a message and see if he responds.


If you run into any other fake profiles of yours truly, please send me an email or leave a comment. I’d love to add them as a friend!



So apparently, there happens to be an impostor online somewhere pretending to be me and/or my bf Pooh. This “fake tigguhh” is messaging people on yahoo/msn and having cam2cam sessions with them. He would play an old video of Pooh and I while recording video feed of the poor guy he’s caming with. I honestly don’t care if someone has pictures and vids of us, and I don’t really care if there’s someone pretending to be me. What bothers me is that I received a couple disturbing messages from a really pissed off kid that was threatening to call the police on me and Pooh. Apparently the impostor had recorded the him and posted his video on xtube. He was threatening me saying, “I’m only 17! I’m going to call the cops on you! I can have you arrested!” Blinded by his anger and frustration, he wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain that it wasn’t us. I also tried to explain to him that he should remember what color the walls in the video were, and to see my recent pictures of my room (my walls have never been green until now…they were blue in our old place and in the video they’re blue…and we have a different bed). I had also mentioned that I had longer hair in the video feed he was watching. I pointed out that in all of my online profiles, I have been semi-bald for quite some time now…there’s no way I could of been bald and grew out hair that fast. Another thing that I pointed out to him, which basically ended it, was that I mentioned that if he looks at how Pooh looks right now…and see how much weight he’s lost since when the video was taken…he’ll see there’s no way it was a live feed he was watching. Pooh has lost a lot of weight since we first have been together.

Anyway, there’s nothing I nor he could do about this. I can’t make him stop and I can’t warn anyone. The thing about the net is once you put your shit out there, it’s out there for everyone and anyone to do whatever they want with it. That’s another thing about my blog…since my xxx pics are already out there in circulation, I guess I might as well be the one circulating them :) Perhaps it’d be nice if I were getting paid for it. Oh well. ::shrugs::

If anyone does randomly message you pretending to be me and/or Pooh. As much as you might really want it to be us, unfortunately, it probably isn’t.


Speaking of Tigguhh…

Some images of Tigguhh before I shaved my head that I haven’t posted…


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