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Although I hate the sound of my own voice and don’t really like making videos…I made a lil seasons greeting for you guys…an awkward and uncomfortable seasons greeting. LOL. I’m kind of regretting that I’m using youtube to post it but for some reason my blog won’t let me upload it…it’s saying the file is too large?! (O.o) Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year! :)



I was going to upload pictures from our New Years Celebration at White Wonderland but to my surprise…a good friend of mine made a little video montage for all of us! It was really sweet of him to put it together. I thought I’d share it with you guys. :) He collected video and pictures from all of our friends. There were a lot of us that night! Unfortunately, not all of our close friends could make it out. It’s a pretty long video, but I hope you like it! Also, because of the music he used, it is unavailable via mobile devices…so you’ll have to watch it on a desktop/pc. Sorry!

(Music: Zedd featuring Foxes – “Clarity”)



I was hoping to get this out earlier but I guess late is better than never. :)

Yes, Tiggah speaks…and not very well apparently. I’m not a camera person…I was very nervous and hate the sound of my voice. I really wanted to make a video post for Christmas…kind of a preview of what’s to come in 2010.

And yes, it’s short…taking baby steps.


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