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I was going to upload pictures from our New Years Celebration at White Wonderland but to my surprise…a good friend of mine made a little video montage for all of us! It was really sweet of him to put it together. I thought I’d share it with you guys. :) He collected video and pictures from all of our friends. There were a lot of us that night! Unfortunately, not all of our close friends could make it out. It’s a pretty long video, but I hope you like it! Also, because of the music he used, it is unavailable via mobile devices…so you’ll have to watch it on a desktop/pc. Sorry!

(Music: Zedd featuring Foxes – “Clarity”)



I thought I’d have fun and teach to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for my Thursday class. We ran out of time so I will be teaching the rest of it this Thursday. I usually teach a new routine each week and these pieces never get performed anywhere so it’s nice posting it on youtube so I can share it with friends. :) I’ll post the full version soon!



I’m a HUGE Trey Songz fan. I absolutely love his voice and I think he is extremely sexy! I don’t really use the word “sexy” much – I usually say “cute” or “hot”, but goddayum is he SEXY!!! Pooh told me that there were new pics of him out and I thought I’d post them. You can oogle at him via Maya Guez’s site at Her photography, btw, is amazing!

trey songz



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