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I’ve fixed a few reported bugs. Thanks guys for the feedback. This is very much a work in progress lol.

-fixed age verification loop
-fixed recapcha error at registration
-member’s section isn’t bugged or broken… it’s just not up yet.

I’ll be posting more updates on progress so check back often!



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Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.
With my MEMBER’S SECTION opening in the vague near or far future, I’ve made some updates and changes to my website (If you haven’t noticed already). My blog will still be about my random adventures in life and whatnot, but I thought that it’d be nice to have some FUNCTIONALITY & FOCUS. Although this site is supposed to be about my random life, as I’ve gotten older my randomness has slowly shifted into a monotonous and habitual weekly routine – work eat sleep and party on the weekends. Some of the repetition just doesn’t seem post worthy. I mean, I have facebook and instagram to post silly little things that no one really cares about. I kind of want to run my site like a magazine so that you, my precious readers, have content worth checking-in often! Categories will still be available on my sidebar but my MENU up at top will be topics I’ll mostly focus on. If you have any suggestions on certain topics you’d like me to focus on as well I’d love to hear your input. So here we go, older me equals new me and new blog, kinda.



Looks like my spam filter has been preventing some people from accessing my website 
If you’ve been receiving this message, just pop in a message and I’ll add ya to the white list.  :)




October 30th marks my blog’s 8 year anniversary.  As a thank you for following my blog, I’ll be posting some Member’s Section teasers through the month of October.  Check out this GIF that Google photos made of a photoset Pooh and I took together.  Thanks again for visiting.  :]




Woah I’ve been MIA.  None of my photos have been uploading to WordPress and I’ve been too lazy to use my desktop.  Looks like the recent update fixed it…so yay, back to blogging my food and penis and stuff!




Share and Like buttons have been added to posts and pages!  I’ve never really done much promoting for my website.  I’ve actually never really mentioned it much on social media until recently.  It’s no secret that I have this blog; I just don’t want the entire world to know either.   Lol. 

Anyway, since my Tumblr and Twitter feed have become more “adult oriented”, I figured…”Whatever, I guess.”  Such is my reaction whenever someone I know tells me they found out about my blog – “It’s whatever, I guess.”  Lol.    If they’re cool with it yay, if not I’m not gonna freak out over it. For now, sharing buttons are available for Tumblr, Twitter, and Email.

Feel free to share, like, post, and reblog as much as you want…just don’t tag me on facebook. Haha!

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It’s about f*cking time I stop procrastinating! I kept putting it off asking myself “what if they don’t like my content, what if there isn’t enough content?”…thinking that I should have content worth signing up for before I can make a member’s section. I have to remember that I made this blog in 2006 not knowing if anyone would even read it. I started with nothing and my blog became so much more to me than you would ever know. It’s my life story, my journey, my digital memories, my loves, my vices, my inhibitions…my everything…in random. :)


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